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UEM Cannabis is a legal government retail Cannabis dispensary first established in 2012. UEM is dedicated to providing a professional, safe, private environment. UEM is open to the public and people over the age of 19 who require access to Cannabis in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. At UEM Cannabis you can find the best selection of marijuana strains, bongs and cannabis accessories at our Vancouver, B.C. location. We are conveniently located at 1605 Renfrew St. on the corner of Graveley and Renfrew. We are open 7 days a week from 9am -10pm unless otherwise posted.

UEM Cannabis is dedicated to offering our customers respect, professionalism, and ongoing support for all their cannabis needs. UEM always strive to provide a selection of high quality strains of marijuana, marijuana accessories and highly trained staff to give advice and guidance.

How To Purchase At UEM Cannabis Dispensaries

In order to purchase any marijuana or accessories you will need:
2 pieces of ID (1 primary government issued Photo ID and one secondary ID)
At UEM we ID all customers regardless of age. So, please ensure you have identification whenever purchasing. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any mail order or delivery service as it against the legal outline for selling Cannabis in B.C.. All our products are sold in store, in person only and are not for resale.

About UEM Cannabis:

UEM Cannabis was established in 2012 in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. As a family owned business, we pride ourselves in being highly professional. Our staff is very knowledgeable and are always up to date on all the latest Cannabis products. UEM Cannabis is fully licensed by the BCLDB and only dispense legal Cannabis.

UEM Cannabis Products:

UEM Cannabis carries a wide variety of Cannabis and Cannabis related accessories. UEM products are all from the B.C. licensed distribution branch. All products are tested, sealed, and pre weighed. Some of the Cannabis products UEM carries include a wide variety of THC, including but, not limited to, THC edibles, THC strains, Keif, THC drinks and many other THC Cannabis products. UEM Cannabis also carries a wide range of CBD related products, including but, not limited to CBD oil, CBD gummies, and CBD capsules. UEM also has vape products for vaping, capsules, tinctures, hash, infused drinks and pre rolls. All BCLDB legal Cannabis products are sold in pre packaged government sealed containers. None of our Cannabis products can be opened or used on site. UEM Cannabis also carries a large selection of bongs and marijuana accessories.

For information on UEM Cannabis products please contact us directly via phone 604-336-4818 at our Vancouver dispensary or by email The UEM Cannabis staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Please contact us in store for product information.

Please contact us in store for product information.

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